An Unforgettable Smile: Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home


I was once told to "keep smiling...It'll take you far." A smile can diminish opposition and unlock the key to your success. It is a valuable asset. Warmth in a smile is a rare quality that transforms people. I can think of times when the right smile has transformed me. Each time I step into new territory nervous about an endeavor that advice echoes in my head. I remember to flash a warm, genuine smile to make an impactful and transformative first impression. I've declared 2018 as the year of putting [your] best foot forward. I intend to live and make decisions with intention and vivacity. My first order of business is¬†improving my networking skills. Because my smile is one of my best assets, I've decided that my recognizable smile should be elevated to…

February 16, 2018