VOTD: Vintage Muva

In 2014 I was thrifting and came across these pants. “I love these pants! I can make them work!” I lied. I scanned the pants and studied them in attempts at convincing myself of the words I had spoken. Truly, I was more interested in the label that read Ralph Lauren rather than the styling possibilities. I had no great desire to wear them, but they were vintage (circa the 1990s) and only $8, sooo they were placed in my cart. I’ve worn those pants once. Until yesterday…..

I was on my way to a first birthday party. I dressed my son in the cutest navy and white striped Ralph Lauren romper. I had no trouble picking out his outfit but I was fumbling with an idea of what I would wear. I wanted to match him but was I unsure if I even owned anything navy or white. Suddenly I remembered the oversized Ralph Lauren button down I had cut up some months ago. I was wracking my brain for any high waisted pants I owned to complement the top and I remembered the pants.

I searched through the least worn section of my closet and pulled them out. I gulped and tried the pants on. “Ohhhkayyyy!?” My inner hype(wo)man said to the mirror. I had created a look. It only took years of uncertainty and an impulse buy later to reach this point, but I was pleased. I had found the perfect pairing for the pants and had successfully matched my son down to the brand!

My fro and hoop earrings played up this vintage ensemble beautifully. I added my favorite everyday shoe and picked up my little Ralph Lauren accessory….I mean child….and walked out the door. Vibe of the day (VOTD): Vintage Muva.


Details: Ralph Lauren Button Down (thrifted)//Ralph Lauren Pants (thrifted)//Beston Cut Out Booties (Aldo)