Alter Ego Looks

I have an alter ego! Actually, I don’t. She has just been birthed as I type, so we’re going to call her….Simone. Simone is unafraid of fashion. Sydney, on the other hand, has her qualms.

I’m an adventurous person. I will always push myself to try something new but sometimes I just like what I like. For example, I continually try seafood even though I DETEST the taste. I continue to try it just in case there’s a special sea creature out there that will win over my heart. My motto is: you never know.

This mindset carries into my style. I see many things that I’m attracted to but wouldn’t necessarily wear. I like to stick to a clean, no fuss look. Yet, I haven’t truly defined my style. I just like what I like and I don’t have any magnet words to describe that. As I continue to grow and hone my taste, I use the undefined and ambiguous empty spaces to experiment.

I have the desire to be future queen of off-the-runway looks å la Rihanna. I don’t always feel comfortable trying new looks but something (“Simone”) propels me to experiment and try different looks regardless of my apprehension. What is fashion without risks? The attraction I have to fashion stems from self-expression as well as unique and interesting pairings. So we should confidently use the [somewhat] undefinable word “fashion” and express ourselves wholeheartedly.

Now, this look is nothing of the aforementioned taste, but becoming fearless in fashion begins with experimentation. Though, I definitely possessed some apprehension. Sydney would not wear this on a typical day. Simone, though, would push her aside and wear this trendy look with pride! She would flash her pearl embellished jeans and appreciate the stand out qualities. She wouldn’t overthink the statement piece; she would honor it with simplicity. Sydney chose the jeans for a reason. They were exciting and different but she was unsure of how to style it with confidence. Thus the birthing of Simone was developed.

Fashion is fun. Get out of your self-produced “best and worst dressed” list and wear how you feel and who you’re feeling like. If the experimentation doesn’t work, oh well! Scrap it and take note of what you liked and what you should never try again. It’s okay to be unsure. Buy an item out of your comfort zone could lead you to a new discovery. Give it a go and refrain from taking yourself too seriously.


Details: Leotard // Karina Pearl Embellished Mom Jeans (Boohoo) // White Heeled Sandals (JustFab) // Denim Choker (DIY)