Statement Sleeves

As mentioned in my previous post, I love drama! Not petty arguments and fights, but extravagance. Give me avant-garde, theatrics, Divas, a show, Jennifer Lewis, Nene Leakes, Tiffany “New York” Pollard…in that order! I just thoroughly enjoy grandiose self-expression. I strive to come into a similar confidence with age. In fact, my imagination is the “bad influence” on my grandiose taste….

I’ll imagine an outfit or article of clothing. Reason will say, “That’s probably a little much. You just want it for the moment. You’ll wear it once!” My imagination will smoothly respond, “But imagine the moment. Everyone will be thinking small and literal and then you walk in with a look™. It’ll be worth that impulsive buy!”

Convincing, huh? Well, that’s what happened when I purchased this top. My imagination ran wild. I was absolutely convinced that I would create a bold look. I envisioned these oversized sleeves with a sleek body-hugging silhouette, so I added a white body con skirt to my cart.

My package arrived a week later. I sifted through my order and tried on the clothing. I cheesed at the top, imagining its potential, and slipped it on. I looked in the mirror and then looked to my right at the camera à la Jim Halpert from the Office. “What. Is. This!?” I angrily squealed. The top is advertised as having “exaggerated sleeves” but it was swallowing me substantially and I looked like a liturgical, praise dancer. Great.

This top has been in my laundry basket for THREE weeks. I’d tried so many combinations of bottoms. I even turned the deep v back–the supposed redeeming quality–to the front. Nothing looked good. I was irritated at the thought of wasting money, but I had faith that I would eventually figure out something.

After trying various styles and silhouettes I had concluded that wide leg pants would look the best. Thank GOD, I’d found wide leg cropped jeans at Target yesterday. This shirt had become a chore and I was looking forward to styling it and getting it out of the way. Though I am genuinely pleased with the look I created.

This headache of a top taught me two lessons: Push through challenges and discomfort with determination. Add a drop of rationale to big ideas (or in this case big tops!)

Details: Grace Exaggerated Top (Boohoo)//Wide Leg Denim Pants (Target)//Lace up Sandals (JustFab)