Dressing for Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is defined as the quality of being attractive in a sexual way. Now, my intention is not to ready you readers to be deemed “sexable.” That is not a worthwhile goal. I merely want to encourage feeling sexy and exuding confidence.

Have you ever seen someone completely comfortable in their skin? They shine and glow. They’re genuine and easily attract all people. They’re positive and do not self deprecate. Ever wonder how they got there?

Trial and error. I am continually working on my confidence. Some days I am successful and other days I struggle. I’ve come to learn that I can most actively work on my confidence by identifying what I like. My likes translate into how I present myself and knowing when I feel my best.

Celebrating what you like about yourself will initiate more positive thinking thus encouraging a positive outlook. There will always be those little things we dislike about ourselves. That is healthy. But don’t focus too aggressively on “self-improvement” that you neglect those positive traits.

After reflecting on when I feel my best, I’ve concluded that I like presenting myself in the following ways: I like my shoulders and collarbones. I like my hair pulled back to show off my face. I like showing a little peek of my midsection.

These preferences paired with fishnet socks make for a sexy look, but you don’t have to show off these body parts or any of your body to feel the same way!

Tight clothing, exposed cleavage, and/or a short hemline does not automatically equal sex appeal. If your self-confidence does not match your clothing choices you’ll appear to be wearing a costume. Love yourself first and then add on clothing items you define as sexy.

I’m often asked how I feel confident or “pull something off” and I don’t believe there’s a concise answer. We all pull from many sources (friends, family, media, beliefs) that affect our confidence. A source we all have in common is ourselves and choosing how we treat ourselves.

How to dress sexy, you may ask? Feel lovable and sexy first.

Details: Bandeau (Forever 21)//Bodycon skirt (Pretty Little Thing)//Black Pumps (Aldo)//Tassel Earrings (Forever 21)//Fishnet Socks (La Senza)