Shoutout to My Sis


Contrary to how the above photo appears, dresses, or matching with her younger sister, were not the choice of style for my sister. She was the cool older sister that pulled off tomboy looks and had a dope sneaker collection. She knew what she liked, in more ways than one, and stuck by it.

To further expound upon my previous point of being an impressionable little girl, my sister became one of my phases. I wanted to look, act, and sound just like her. There are hilarious photos of me trying to be tough and cool. And I always begged her to allow me to be Buttercup when I was clearly Bubbles.

My sister, naturally, was annoyed by my parrot charades but copying her was a practice in developing my own identity and self-expression. I saw how cool and comfortable she appeared and I fumbled about hoping to develop in the same way. (Though, I soon turned away from her for inspiration as we shifted into our “hating each other” phase.)


When I put together this outfit, I unexpectedly thought of my sister. She always makes jokes about how I’m never casual and I thought she’d appreciate my attempt. The jean shirt and Ked-like white shoes provide an all-American flair that I associate with baseball.

We went to a few Clipper’s baseball games, our city’s Minor League Baseball Team, when we were younger. We’re due for an upgrade. We have to see the Pirates! Now, that we’re older I want to cherish our time together and experience life together boldly with road trips, festivals, international travel, baseball games, etc.

I thought this look would serve as a happy medium between casual and dressed up. I could complement my sister’s style as well.  The girly and sexy details of an off the shoulder top and fishnet socks paired with sneakers and jean material would complement the sports atmosphere but still evoke my unique style.


Now that she no longer has to put up with mom ordained, girly outfits, my sister has grown into her style. She identifies with androgynous attire and likes classic, clean cut style. She makes such a statement and I’m all the way here for it! She may not be aware, but even how she dresses inspires me!

She inspires me to step outside of the norm. I see how much she believes in me so I’m propelled to feel the same. She not only has been a great supporter during this blogging journey, but during every aspect of my life. She has truly become my best friend.

She’s bold, intelligent, sensitive, driven, funny, informed, direct, determined, chill, diverse, and an anomaly.

I still look up to her. I no longer obsessively emulate her every move, but there will always be a part of me that wants to be just like her.

I love you sissy! Happy birthday!

Details: Jean shirt (my mom’s)//Bodycon skirt (Pretty Little Thing)//Tennis Shoes (H&M)//Hoop Earrings (Hair Store)//Fishnet Socks (La Senza)

  • Joanna September 2, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    This is such a great post! It’s great to see that you and your sister have a connection even if you have two different styles. This dedication and styling is perfect! Thanks for sharing! xx

    • Sydney Nichelle September 10, 2017 at 5:04 am

      Thanks Joanna! You’re welcome! 🙂