Class Meets Edge

Menswear is such a bold expression of a classic look! My go-to chic look incorporates the menswear trend by way of oxfords, trousers, or a blazer. Trousers will 9 times out of 10 elevate any ensemble whether paired with a dressy or casual top.

A well-fitting pair of trousers is essential for a tailored wardrobe. I have been on the hunt for various styles and I was extremely happy to come across this versatile pair! Wide leg silhouettes are on trend for the Fall. The asymmetrical, overlapping front adds edgy flair. My favorite styles have merged to create a subtly dynamic look!

Finding a top to pair with these pants was difficult to locate amongst my various shades of black tops. As a last resort, I half-heartedly threw on a kimono. So not to overwhelm my frame, I tied the kimono into a top. Another happy accident for the books!

Styling came down to the mood I wanted to express. Would I create another all black look? Yes, of course. I rolled my eyes to myself but then I paused…Who says all black has to be boring? If I like black, that’s all that matters. I just need to find a way to provide depth and dimension.

Janelle Monae whispered in my ear to forge onward. She so seamlessly pulls off a limited color palette. So, I decided to use her as inspiration for my style mood.

I secured my clip-on earrings and put my hair into a pompadour adorned with a wide brimmed hat. I was in love with the cohesion of this look. Ignoring negativity and embracing the full expression of myself truly paid off.

Details: Floral Kimono, Worn as a top (Forever 21)//Tailored Wide Leg Pants (Who What Wear for Target)//Cut out booties (Target)//Earrings (Thrifted)//Wide Brimmed Hat (Forever 21)