How To Dress Casually

Have you seen the meme where the dress code for an event is meant to be casual but there’s that extra friend that comes in thigh high boots and a faux fur coat? That’s me. Even when I try my darndest to look casual my looks never seem to be….casual.

I am a firm believer in looking presentable at all times. I am not well versed in dressing casually but I am definitely confident in my ability to dress up.

Casual merely translates as relaxed and informal. It does not mean you need to look like a bum. (Save the ratty sleeves and discolored items for home!) Put your best foot forward and place intention behind your casual looks!

Casual Look Quick Tips:

Choose comfort with a polished finish. Ex. Non-sweat material jogger pants

Choose a well-fitting top.

Utilize accessories.

Layer and add a jacket.

Regularly replace your casual items.

Wear a sturdy and stylish casual shoe.

For this look, I utilized the use of accessories and wore a sturdy and stylish casual shoe. Motorcycle booties have been a wardrobe staple for me for a few years. They are chic and effortlessly elevate a simple look. I added the fishnet socks to add personality to the look and the belt to tie in the black (and hold up my jeans). The glasses help to emphasize the laid-back mood. Lastly, the cropped Oxford shirt is not well-fitting but the stiff collar brings a tailored edge to the easygoing top.

This ensemble may not be casual to some, but I was extremely comfortable and didn’t feel the need to be prim and proper. This is my goal when dressing casually, so I’d say this look was a success. Again, casual means relaxed and informal. The expression of this definition will be different for everyone. Just remember to bring polish to your look.

Details: Cropped Oxford (Ralph Lauren in style Blake)//Distressed Jeans (Old Navy)//Fishnet Socks (La Senza)//Belt (Gifted)//Glasses (ZeroUV)//Motorcycle Booties (Topshop)