Fall Outerwear

It was just a month ago that I was begging the weather to coincide with the season. Now, the weather has turned chillingly cold and I’m shivering between takes. I’m the least resilient in the face of cold weather, so I was unsure on how to feign warmth without a jacket. Then a lightbulb shone that lead me to styling Fall outerwear!

This post includes two statement outerwear pieces on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The oversized teddy coat offers a classic look while the black cape offers a sleek and edgy look.

I find that teddy coats are perfect for a petite frame! The oversized silhouette will offer coziness and really emphasize the statement this item provides.

I paired this coat with a tulle hemmed dolman sweater and strappy neutral-tone sandals to complement the femininity of its pink color.

Enter the cape. I was obsessed with capes at its height a few years ago. Recently, I’ve noticed the style floating around again. A cape evokes regality and power which are two characteristics that I love!

Caped coats can be a look in of itself without the need of revealing the ensemble underneath. For this reason, it is imperative to pair a cape coat with equally captivating items.

I paired this coat with faux leather trousers for textural contrast. I added over the knee boots to elongate my body to combat the cape’s squatness.

Whether you want to create a more classic look or a sleek look, jackets and coats can serve as an outfit. If you are perpetually cold, lazy, and/or bold utilizing smart styling to complement your outerwear item will make for a successful look!

Details: Oversized Teddy Coat (Thrifted)//Tulle Hemmed Sweater (American Eagle)//Jeans (American Rag)//Strappy Sandals (Just Fab)

Cape Coat (Not Sure?)//Faux Leather Trousers (Abercrombie & Fitch)//Over the Knee Boots (Just Fab)