Styling Classic Pieces

Sydney’s the name girly’s the game. Okay, that was a little corny, but it’s true! I just can’t resist a girly, feminine look. I’ve been dabbling in more casual looks, so I decided to dress it up and go classic.

If you’re working to create more stylish looks, I would recommend classic styles. Classic silhouettes fit most body types and classic styles are the easiest to pull off. They won’t go out of style. Flashy clothing items draw people in but there’s nothing more chic than standing boldly and pristinely in a classic look.


Because I am an hourglass shape, full skirts balance out my big bust and help to accentuate my shape. Every classic wardrobe should have an A-line skirt. It is incredibly versatile and timeless. This faux leather, midi length skirt incorporates an edgier style but its silhouette classifies it as a classic piece. Try tulle for more glamor or a print for personality.

For narrow hipped, rectangular shapes, and oval shapes, an A-line skirt will create the illusion of a waist and fuller bottom. Top heavy shapes will benefit from a more voluminous full skirt to balance out their shape. A-line skirts on bottom heavy shapes will further flatter their shape.


A pop of color isn’t revolutionary, but it’s a low risk way of venturing out. Adding bold color to a neutral-toned ensemble will always be successful.

So not to overwhelm your frame, you should wear a fitted top with looser bottoms and fitted bottoms with looser tops. A black and white fitted dress (worn as a top) complemented the skirt and helped to emphasize my shape. Classic clothing is often cut complimentary to the body. Find a balance between skin tight vamp and Bohemian flow.

Go ahead and add an A-line skirt to your wardrobe! You’ll gain one of the most flattering silhouettes for various body shapes and a piece capable of longevity.

Outfit Details: Dress worn as top (Forever 21)//Faux Leather Midi Skirt (Who What Wear for Target)//Blue Heels (Just Fab)