Scenario: You wear a popping outfit and you’re ready to show out. You do indeed show out, but you don’t see anyone you know. Furthermore, you don’t post the outfit on Instagram. Now, you can wear it again with no shame!

Have you ever been anxious about someone calling out a repeat outfit? Social media has propelled us into believing that we shouldn’t repeat outfits. We should spend an infinite amount of money on clothing and stay on top of trends.

Repeating an outfit is not on my list of fashion faux pas. I don’t have the money for that. If I love an outfit I put together, I’ll wear it again but space out the time before wearing it again.

For those of you who want to be more subtle and repeat only particular clothing items, I’ve created a list of tips to help disguise items you just have to wear more than once.


The easiest way to change an outfit is to wear a coat or jacket. For example, pairing pants and a top with a jacket creates a complete outfit. Next time, wear the outfit without the jacket and people will focus more on the individual detail of the pants and top forgetting that you wore it once before.


Changing the base colors you use to coordinate your ensemble will change the whole look. Think: day to night. Coordinating with white will add a lightness while coordinating with black will bring depth which will alter the tone.


If you dressed up your outfit, wear it casually next. Alter the style from edgy to Bohemian chic.

Utilize these tips and make new what is old in your closet. This is especially useful for when you are tired of your wardrobe but need to be conscious of spending less.

For this look, I’ve repeated a pair of pants and a hat I’ve featured previously. The hat was paired with an all black, classic style ensemble while the pants were worn with a white cropped oxford shirt and lace-up booties. To disguise the repeated items, I paired the pants with a fuzzy black sweater and created a more casual look in contrast with the dressier hat outfit. The pants are a standout piece but they deserve to be showcased more than once. Utilizing the colors and styling tips from my list, I was able to change the tone of the pieces previously worn.

Outfit details: Fuzzy Sweater (Forever 21)//Ralph Lauren Pants (thrifted)//Block heels (Express)//Hat (Forever 21)//Earrings (thrifted)