Style Without Bounds

I pledge to alter my perception of what’s “for me.” We only believe something isn’t for us because we declare it so. We shut ourselves off from expanding our experiences and worldview. We stifle our self-expression out of fear. I’ll be the first to admit that I am afraid of color. Color is beautiful from an observational standpoint, but I am often apprehensive to incorporate bright colors into my ensembles. When I do, it feels very calculated and uncomfortable.

I only decided to change my uniform of black, neutrals, cobalt blue, and white when I noticed a lack of inspiration and diversity. I would often blankly stare at my Instagram feed unmoved. I had contemplated permanently changing my wardrobe to contain only the aforementioned colors, but that would require consistency and certitude. I wasn’t completely convinced that I wanted to live that Janelle Monae life.

Following this realization, I forced myself to assess why I chose to only wear certain colors. I wasn’t making a bold political statement or building my brand around these colors. I chose these colors because they were comfortable and familiar. To me, that was not a good enough reason for my stagnation so I determined that my reasoning had to change. I no longer want to succumb to the power of black. I pledge to wear color intentionally and ferociously.

If you would like to join me in the initiative to change what is for you, use the hashtag #StyleWithoutBounds. Wear that crop top, show off your arms, flaunt your cellulite, try a different style, incorporate more accessories, etc. Choose to wear what you’ve always wanted without excuse. Below, I have listed some tips to transition into a new style expression.


The safest way to incorporate prints into your wardrobe is a scarf. Wear a solid color top with a complimentary printed scarf.

Larger prints better complement curvy, plus-size shapes.

A printed bottom is less distracting and easier to style with a simple top.


If you want to try an edgier style, get a classic moto style leather jacket.

For a more feminine style, go classic: A-line silhouettes, polka dots, berries and pastels


Start with a pop of color. Wear red shoes with an all black outfit or wear a blue jacket with a white top for a high contrasting look.

Switch it up! If you always match with black, try brown or navy. You’ll discover their corresponding complementary colors and find it easier to get out of a rut.


If you want to wear a pencil skirt but feel as though your hips are too narrow, try a peplum skirt to exaggerate a hip silhouette or an asymmetrical draping to add volume.

If you’re self-conscious about your hips, butt, and thighs in skinny jeans, wear a split hem top to conceal your goods yet highlight your shape in a flattering manner.

Try the challenge for two weeks. If you find success and like our refreshed wardrobe, keep going! Remember that style evolves. You may find a new one while living out of bounds.

Outfit Details: White sweater (American Eagle)//Green skirt (Missguided)//Green circle bag (Amazon)//White Heeled Sandals (JustFab)

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