- Author: Sydney Nichelle -

Fall Date Night Outfit


Date night. The usual descriptor words for a date night look are sexy, attractive, and special. We want to look our best and feel our best. As the weather cools, it can be hard to pull together a flirty yet weather appropriate look. I'll get back to that in a month or so, but for now, let us take advantage of the mild weather. Rompers are perceived to exclusively be for the Summer, but they can easily accommodate the season's change with proper layering. Rompers' emphasis on the legs welcomes an alluring and flirty vibe. If you'd like to amp up the sex appeal, choose a romper with cutouts or a plunging neckline. For this look, I chose a lacy romper. The navy romper and black lace offer a nighttime, lingerie-like style. To unite this…

November 6, 2017

Fall Outerwear


It was just a month ago that I was begging the weather to coincide with the season. Now, the weather has turned chillingly cold and I'm shivering between takes. I'm the least resilient in the face of cold weather, so I was unsure on how to feign warmth without a jacket. Then a lightbulb shone that lead me to styling Fall outerwear! This post includes two statement outerwear pieces on the opposite ends of the spectrum. The oversized teddy coat offers a classic look while the black cape offers a sleek and edgy look. I find that teddy coats are perfect for a petite frame! The oversized silhouette will offer coziness and really emphasize the statement this item provides. I paired this coat with a tulle hemmed dolman sweater and strappy neutral-tone sandals to…

November 1, 2017

How To Dress Casually


Have you seen the meme where the dress code for an event is meant to be casual but there's that extra friend that comes in thigh high boots and a faux fur coat? That's me. Even when I try my darndest to look casual my looks never seem to be....casual. I am a firm believer in looking presentable at all times. I am not well versed in dressing casually but I am definitely confident in my ability to dress up. Casual merely translates as relaxed and informal. It does not mean you need to look like a bum. (Save the ratty sleeves and discolored items for home!) Put your best foot forward and place intention behind your casual looks! Casual Look Quick Tips: Choose comfort with a polished finish. Ex. Non-sweat material jogger pants…

October 20, 2017

Class Meets Edge


Menswear is such a bold expression of a classic look! My go-to chic look incorporates the menswear trend by way of oxfords, trousers, or a blazer. Trousers will 9 times out of 10 elevate any ensemble whether paired with a dressy or casual top. A well-fitting pair of trousers is essential for a tailored wardrobe. I have been on the hunt for various styles and I was extremely happy to come across this versatile pair! Wide leg silhouettes are on trend for the Fall. The asymmetrical, overlapping front adds edgy flair. My favorite styles have merged to create a subtly dynamic look! Finding a top to pair with these pants was difficult to locate amongst my various shades of black tops. As a last resort, I half-heartedly threw on a kimono. So not to…

October 19, 2017

Unconventional Place #2

"Unconventional Places"

  THE LOCATION I love food! The grocery store is the first place I want to go on payday. I frequent Kroger and find joy in shopping in the natural food section. Shooting here seemed very fitting to me. I eat a dairy-free diet and find most of my snacks in this section. I am obsessed with Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn, Larabars, Coconut Almond Bark Thins, Justin's Almond Butter, Almond Milk, and Mocha Cold Brew Coffee with almond milk. (If you are looking for any recommendations) I'm also a little picky. My friends and family know it can be a process for me to find something I eat and subsequently like. Convenience is usually not on my side. I consider my diet a reflection of who I am: I am very…

October 10, 2017

Simply Chic


Today marks the last day of Fashion Month! Designers have journeyed through the cities of New York, London, Milan, and Paris to unveil their latest collections. We, as enthusiasts and consumers, get the privilege of observing the trajectory of trends for the Spring and Summer 2018. I noticed reoccurring themes of layers, knitted fabrics, large shoulder pads, plastic overlays, and unsuspecting lines. Many like Comme des Garçon, Maison Margiela, and Gareth Pugh pushed the envelope while Chanel, Tom Ford, and Burberry stuck closely to the classic styles they know well. Avant-garde clothing is a true expression of art. It's a glimpse into a creatively genius mind. Dissecting such clothing and placing significance on each piece can be laborious. To cleanse the palate, I enjoy viewing classic designs. Clean lines, minimalism, and staple pieces have a great place…

October 5, 2017

Throwback Trends


What goes around comes back around. This is the case not only with Karma but fashion. Trends that were pushed aside have now reemerged to the forefront. Vintage clothing is always a good idea, but its specific styles shift in how they are reimagined. This season, faux suede got to ride the vintage train and emerge onto the scene. For this year, statement sleeves have made a great impact. Following suit of the throwback trend, this particular top contained elements I used to love. I wore OUT the lace and cut out trend that circulated when I was in high school. So, I was happy to find this top, featuring the same trends, in an updated manner. After trying this top on, I was so pleased to discover that it wouldn't be cast away as an…

October 3, 2017

Styling Mixed Materials


Mixing prints is an acquired taste in styling that requires a keen eye. Choosing the proper prints is a risk that can easily turn into a disaster. It's a skill set I've yet to master. If you prefer not to make getting dressed a puzzle, mixing materials may be for you! Mixing materials is ideal for Fall and Winter when layering is at its peak. IT TAKES TWO The basis for a successful mixed material look is styling two contrasting fabrics. Leather with tulle, knit with chiffon, and fur with denim are all dynamic examples. You may also style two contrasting styles. Some examples of contrasting styles are classic and Bohemian, edgy and preppy, and glamor and casual. STAY FOCUSED Placing a focus on either contrasting fabrics or contrasting styles will give your outfit a…

October 1, 2017

Turban Fashion


The right clothing items can truly change your mood. For me, a turban instantly elevates my mood. I feel so regal and imagine myself as a black queen or socialite. But, let's be real...I only wear a turban or head wrap when my hair isn't done. It's a quick and chic way to hide my dry, in-need-of-a-wash curls. For this look, I worked out of my usual order and dressed before I situated my hairstyle. I paused and brainstormed until I realized that a turban would complement the glamour of the jeweled belt perfectly! I've been in love with statement sleeves this season. I wanted to experiment with volume versus tiers and layers. The balloon sleeves of this sweater dress add to the mood this look offers as well as balance out my bust.…

September 27, 2017

The Modern Power Suit


Power suits are trending and my heart couldn't be any more elated! Menswear has infiltrated the fashion scene for quite some time, but bold shoulders have come and gone. This season, and next, they're here to stay! The power suit originated in the 80s to empower women. It was a way to assert our authority and professionalism just like our male counterparts. It was a political fashion statement for the fearless. Weeks before New York Fashion Week I thought about the 80s power suit and its [potential] comeback. I've always loved shoulder pads and was unsure on how to modernize the look. Subsequently, Tom Ford debuted a Spring/Summer 2018 collection with a focus on the power suit and its interpretation. (Psychic or nah?!) He provided much needed inspiration. I am on the hunt for…

September 24, 2017