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Shoutout to My Sis


NOSTALGIA Contrary to how the above photo appears, dresses, or matching with her younger sister, were not the choice of style for my sister. She was the cool older sister that pulled off tomboy looks and had a dope sneaker collection. She knew what she liked, in more ways than one, and stuck by it. To further expound upon my previous point of being an impressionable little girl, my sister became one of my phases. I wanted to look, act, and sound just like her. There are hilarious photos of me trying to be tough and cool. And I always begged her to allow me to be Buttercup when I was clearly Bubbles. My sister, naturally, was annoyed by my parrot charades but copying her was a practice in developing my own identity and…

August 31, 2017

Statement Sleeves


As mentioned in my previous post, I love drama! Not petty arguments and fights, but extravagance. Give me avant-garde, theatrics, Divas, a show, Jennifer Lewis, Nene Leakes, Tiffany "New York" Pollard...in that order! I just thoroughly enjoy grandiose self-expression. I strive to come into a similar confidence with age. In fact, my imagination is the "bad influence" on my grandiose taste.... I'll imagine an outfit or article of clothing. Reason will say, "That's probably a little much. You just want it for the moment. You'll wear it once!" My imagination will smoothly respond, "But imagine the moment. Everyone will be thinking small and literal and then you walk in with a look™. It'll be worth that impulsive buy!" Convincing, huh? Well, that's what happened when I purchased this top. My imagination ran wild. I was…

August 19, 2017

Alter Ego Looks


I have an alter ego! Actually, I don't. She has just been birthed as I type, so we're going to call her....Simone. Simone is unafraid of fashion. Sydney, on the other hand, has her qualms. I'm an adventurous person. I will always push myself to try something new but sometimes I just like what I like. For example, I continually try seafood even though I DETEST the taste. I continue to try it just in case there's a special sea creature out there that will win over my heart. My motto is: you never know. This mindset carries into my style. I see many things that I'm attracted to but wouldn't necessarily wear. I like to stick to a clean, no fuss look. Yet, I haven't truly defined my style. I just like what I…

August 8, 2017

Red Lips & Tulle


It all started with lipstick....I admired make-up but was unsure on how to apply it. My first venture into the make-up world was through lipstick. There isn't an art to it and you can't really apply it wrong. Lipstick is approachable. I love how it provides a subtle flair to my look and works as an accessory of sorts. For example, a bold red lip looks best with classic silhouettes and a black and white palette. The combination offers an elegant and sophisticated aura. I began experimenting with make-up about three years ago. Now, make-up has become vital to my look. Oftentimes, I like to create an outfit centered around my make-up. For this particular look, the sheer tulle top was the focal point of this outfit and the red lip would help to emphasize…

July 29, 2017

Coco Taught Me


History reminds us how far we've come (and how far we've yet to go) concerning societal norms and regulations. A visionary known by the name of Coco Chanel decided to disregard the norm in her time. Her decision dramatically changed the face of fashion....Pants. She had decided to wear pants. The Chanel brand consistently produces tailored, timeless, classic pieces with elegance. Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel arguably birthed menswear fashion for women and it seems the style is always on trend. Fashion icons Alexa Chung and Janelle Monae inspire me to embrace menswear style whether it be overtly masculine or with feminine flair. I especially appreciate how Janelle Monae finds empowerment in her uncommon self-expression: "Showing my skin is not what makes me sexy. I like skirts and dresses just like everyone else, but I had…

July 24, 2017



Three years ago, I visited my great grandmother with my family. She lives in a quaint, quiet town but she is nothing of the sort! She is elegant, spunky, generous, and confident. She is also extremely fashionable. Whether it be a casual, day outfit or a church ensemble, she is coordinated, polished, sleek, and pressed. During this particular visit, she allowed us the privilege of going through her closet. Gratitude and excitement radiated throughout my body. So not to appear greedy, I remained calm while my eyes did the marveling. We'd finished the tour and she offered us her rejects (that honestly contained gems!) I weeded through her collection finding very current items as well as obscure, vintage-like items. Then, my young, underdeveloped fashion eyes saw this bag. I didn't quite know what I'd…

July 20, 2017

Summer Leather


"Girl, I KNOW you're hot!" I smile weakly as the last bit of moisture in my dehydrated body beads up on my upper lip. Unless the night is over and I'm heading home, I will never admit to suffering for fashion. I'm not hot. No, I'm not hanging up my leather jacket just because it's Summer. I chose this look so I will silently face the consequences while working my angles. Okay, so that scenario didn't exactly happen...but it's definitely how I'd react to questions about my [seasonally inappropriate] fashion choices. But what if that choice produces incredible looks? A leather jacket is a dynamic piece that will give you an instant boost. It completes an outfit. It can take a simple outfit from dull to street style chic. I recommend everyone keep a…

July 15, 2017

The Basics.


Basics. They are absolutely essential for your wardrobe. When you're first building your wardrobe and identifying your style you need a solid foundation. Basics can include but are not limited to: a blazer, tank top, LBD (little black dress), black pants, everyday denim, etc. Trendy, statement pieces are fun but do not benefit the longevity of your wardrobe or wallet. In fact, there is growing popularity in capsule wardrobes that support that very idea. A capsule wardrobe is full of basic, essential items to decrease consumerism and improve resourcefulness. Basics can serve as a uniform. They are a guarantee that you will look polished and fashionable. There are those days when I suddenly hate my wardrobe and I swear nothing looks good on me. Basics often solve that problem. Though I hate reaching for…

July 10, 2017

VOTD: Vintage Muva


In 2014 I was thrifting and came across these pants. "I love these pants! I can make them work!" I lied. I scanned the pants and studied them in attempts at convincing myself of the words I had spoken. Truly, I was more interested in the label that read Ralph Lauren rather than the styling possibilities. I had no great desire to wear them, but they were vintage (circa the 1990s) and only $8, sooo they were placed in my cart. I've worn those pants once. Until yesterday..... I was on my way to a first birthday party. I dressed my son in the cutest navy and white striped Ralph Lauren romper. I had no trouble picking out his outfit but I was fumbling with an idea of what I would wear. I wanted…

June 25, 2017