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The New Look


This post is in collaboration with Shoetopia *All opinions are my own* I was a highly impressionable and absorbent child. I quickly became immersed in the "world" with which I chose to surround myself. At eight years old my world included Barbies, Bratz, MyScene, America's Next Top Model, and drawing my dreams of a 3 in 1 boutique, salon, and restaurant. I grew an intense love for fashion, beauty, and glamor. These activities were the extent of my playtime and the source of my daydreams for years. I continued to play with Barbies, in secrecy, until I was thirteen! When I was enlightened by the fact that no one my age still played with Barbies, I decided to reinvent myself. I had to mature my taste and let go of my juvenile pastime. (At least if…

August 23, 2017