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The Modern Power Suit


Power suits are trending and my heart couldn't be any more elated! Menswear has infiltrated the fashion scene for quite some time, but bold shoulders have come and gone. This season, and next, they're here to stay! The power suit originated in the 80s to empower women. It was a way to assert our authority and professionalism just like our male counterparts. It was a political fashion statement for the fearless. Weeks before New York Fashion Week I thought about the 80s power suit and its [potential] comeback. I've always loved shoulder pads and was unsure on how to modernize the look. Subsequently, Tom Ford debuted a Spring/Summer 2018 collection with a focus on the power suit and its interpretation. (Psychic or nah?!) He provided much needed inspiration. I am on the hunt for…

September 24, 2017

The New Look


This post is in collaboration with Shoetopia *All opinions are my own* I was a highly impressionable and absorbent child. I quickly became immersed in the "world" with which I chose to surround myself. At eight years old my world included Barbies, Bratz, MyScene, America's Next Top Model, and drawing my dreams of a 3 in 1 boutique, salon, and restaurant. I grew an intense love for fashion, beauty, and glamor. These activities were the extent of my playtime and the source of my daydreams for years. I continued to play with Barbies, in secrecy, until I was thirteen! When I was enlightened by the fact that no one my age still played with Barbies, I decided to reinvent myself. I had to mature my taste and let go of my juvenile pastime. (At least if…

August 23, 2017