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Style Tips for Busty Women


Frills and ruffles are IN for the Summer! I love dramatic clothing, so I"ve fallen in love with the puffy sleeves, exaggerated shoulders, and ruffled tops. My bust, however, feels differently. I'm not the hugest fan of my boobs, so I often like to keep them covered. Additionally, ruffles and embellishment don't look the best on them. It only maximizes their size. Post-baby, it's been difficult adjusting my clothing choices to my small waist and disproportionately large bust. After spending some time adjusting, I have some tips that will flatter and minimize the appearance of your bust. FIRST THINGS FIRST I should start here: invest in a good bra! Sometimes it's hard admitting that you need a specialty bra or you've gained weight and your bra size has gone up but your clothing will…

August 12, 2017