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Unconventional Place #2

"Unconventional Places"

  THE LOCATION I love food! The grocery store is the first place I want to go on payday. I frequent Kroger and find joy in shopping in the natural food section. Shooting here seemed very fitting to me. I eat a dairy-free diet and find most of my snacks in this section. I am obsessed with Skinny Pop, Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn, Larabars, Coconut Almond Bark Thins, Justin's Almond Butter, Almond Milk, and Mocha Cold Brew Coffee with almond milk. (If you are looking for any recommendations) I'm also a little picky. My friends and family know it can be a process for me to find something I eat and subsequently like. Convenience is usually not on my side. I consider my diet a reflection of who I am: I am very…

October 10, 2017

Seasonal Refresh

"Unconventional Places"

Unconventional Places #1 If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that a few posts ago I mentioned how I felt like I was forcing the process of styling an outfit and writing a blog post. Summer fashion isn't particularly inspiring to me and I felt both under and overwhelmed. During my week-long hiatus, I spent the time to reflect on what wasn't working for me and how I'd like to represent myself and my brand. I realized that I was creating this event around blogging. I needed the perfect outfit, surrounding, lighting, make-up, etc. Why wait for seemingly perfect circumstances? Fashion is an everyday circumstance. My style doesn't revolve around photo opportunities. Whether I happen to be at the laundry mat or at Barnes and Noble, my style still exists. I should celebrate…

September 18, 2017